DxSpace organizes a training course to update the DxAmbassador community with technology trends and supplement knowledge about blockchain applications in life.
Digital technology creates positive impacts that change all aspects of today’s life, economy and society. In particular, in the context of the epidemic, the application of technology has become a bright spot to partially solve difficulties at this time and create a driving force to promote sustainable development.
Blockchain applications in many fields
Responding to the trend and grasping the development potential of digital technology, the DTS Alliance has focused on researching and implementing the DxSpace project – a human-centered digital technology space. With a large network of domestic and international partners, initially DxSpace will accompany community ambassadors – pioneers to learn and develop digital knowledge, digital skills and digital culture.
Blockchain is a technology applied in many fields of life, has a high development rate in many countries around the world and has recorded increasing interest in the Vietnamese market. The legal framework for blockchain and cryptocurrencies is also gradually forming, creating opportunities for blockchain technology to apply to life and sustainable development.
Following the first training session for the DxAmbassador community, DxSpace held the next program with the topic of researching and applying blockchain technology in the DxSpace digital space. Through a partnership with Ufin, DxSpace launches a blockchain-based operating system research program – Hora OS.

Mr. Linh Nguyen – Platform Director of DTS Alliance presented the blockchain application to the ambassadors. Screenshots.

With the Hora OS project, Ufin is the developer of the blockchain operating system technology platform, cloud computing… and develops electronic token technology, thereby creating a fair and transparent sharing mechanism on the platform. blockchain platform for the community to collaborate and contribute to the project. At the same time, DTS Labs will mobilize partners to research and build decentralized applications on the HoraChain platform, thereby developing an integrated digital technology application ecosystem for DxSpace.
Hora OS Decentralized Operating System
Hora OS is a blockchain operating system built to govern a network of computers through a decentralized protocol. Based on the operation of network of nodes (nodes) located at computers around the world, Hora OS gathers distributed computing resources into a unified network to manage and optimize the use efficiency, by encoding computer processing performance, bandwidth, and storage capacity.
Hora OS was born to help decentralize digital resources, solve the problem of digital resource monopoly, empower and share benefits for programmers and end users, thereby promoting balanced and healthy development of the technology ecosystem.
Currently, Hora OS plans to build and develop a potential platform technology ecosystem. Among them are DAOs – an automated and decentralized organization governance protocol, HoraChain – a protocol that supports the development of Dapps on the Hora platform, DxSpace OS – application of the blockchain operating system to the DxSpace digital space platform, Adamas Cloud – a decentralized cloud computing platform, Node Cluster and BridgeChain – a two-layer bridge solution that increases ecosystem performance.
From the perspective of DxSpace, taking the model of a digital city, Hora OS will be planned as an operating system infrastructure platform, thereby mobilizing partners and residents to form three main layers. The top layer is the layer of digital residents and digital applications, the layer right below is the ecosystem of digital platform developers, and the bottom layer is the ecosystem of digital infrastructure providers. These three layers are created and unified in an automatic governance mechanism, this governance mechanism will be contributed, perfected and optimized through the participation of administrators in the community, voted through by consensus of all DxSpace residents.

Hora OS creates conditions for the programmers to mobilize and manages the efficiency of resources to create useful applications.

In the joint development strategy, DTS will develop three portals connecting community media, alliance partners and technology partners. Since then, DxSpace was formed and focused on developing the community platform, Hora OS application to build decentralized applications such as digital resident identification, digital infrastructure ecosystem, digital platform ecosystem,  multi-industry application ecosystem in healthcare, education, finance… Hora OS plays an important role in the development plan of the DxSpace digital space ecosystem.
With the knowledge base shared in the training program, it will help the DxAmbassador community better understand blockchain applications in life, thereby strengthening knowledge, building and developing the DxSpace community.