The digital space project puts people at the center of DxSpace, focusing on developing blockchain technology and a network of ambassadors to develop the community of brand representatives.
The DTS Digital Transformation Alliance has just celebrated the launch of the DxSpace project and announced the main activities online on June 22. The online event was attended by representatives of organizations, individuals and units accompanying DTS Group.

Meeting online launched the DxSpace project with more than 80 participants. Screenshots.

DTS Digital Transformation Alliance is an alliance of reputable individuals and organizations operating in the fields of e-commerce, digital services, digital technology… with the goal of supporting businesses in digital transformation, focusing on development technology and building a human-centered digital space. In an effort to realize the above goal, DTS has officially launched the DxSpace platform – a human-centered digital technology space with solutions to provide digital knowledge, digital culture and digital skills.
Currently, the development of technology and innovation have become powerful tools to promote socio-economic development. With the vision that DxSpace will become a human-centered digital technology space, the application has great potential and brings a lot of value to the community now and in the future.

The DxSpace project has three missions: developing a community of standard digital citizens, mobilizing an alliance of resources and an alliance of investors, administrators, and infrastructure providers into a synergistic network of mutual support. based on the principles of fairness, transparency, respect for individual rights and sharing for the common benefit,” shared Mr. Leon Truong – Chairman of DTS Alliance.

polyadMr.Leon Truong – Chairman of DTS Alliance. Photo: DTS

DxSpace orients its development strategy, construction roadmap and clear approach with 6 key technologies including Mobile and Geolocation, Biometrics, AI and Big Data, Balance Social Media, Smart workplaces, Blockchain and IoT

Mr. Ngoc Dung Nguyen – Vice President of VECOM said that VECOM has accompanied the DTS Alliance in many activities, so VECOM looks forward to and sets expectations on pioneers who lead the way to make a difference. The highlight is current blockchain technology. With the DxSpace project, the Association’s representative believes that this is one of the models that will become a launchpad, build programs, and create a city so that participants can take advantage of opportunities and utilities from the city ​​created by DTS.
In the near future, units in the field of e-commerce and e-commerce applications will work together and contribute to bring e-commerce, logistics and all other fields to the blockchain platform to increase accessibility, integration and connection with the world more easily”, Mr. Dung said.
Accordingly, the project begins by focusing on research and development of Blockchain technology, one of the potential technologies in developing user-centric decentralized applications. In particular, the project also launched the Ambassador – DxSpace community development ambassador network.
Mr. Linh Nguyen – Platform Director of DTS Alliance shared, blockchain is a very popular technology in the world, it is forecasted that by 2030, this technology will have great potential for development in many fields such as digital, education, healthcare, insurance, building e-Government…

Representative of DTS Alliance and partners. Photo: DTS.

DxSpace will strengthen activities to promote the startup business community to participate in the blockchain field more, applying blockchain to life brings real value to users and society,” Mr. Linh said,
Blockchain is a technology that has been applied in many areas of life. The main chain of blockchain development activities of the DxSpace project includes: building a community of digital citizens with the goal of providing information and awareness about digital skills and digital culture for career development and income, spreading the real success stories from developing digital skills and encouraging the community to actively participate in the development of digital society.
The project aims to find and connect young people who are passionate about technology to mobilize pioneering digital citizens from DxSpace. Thereby, members have the opportunity to learn to develop digital skills on the DxSpace Academy platform, practice digital skills, participate in group exchanges, connect with leading experts and share with the community knowledge and experience through DxSpace’s community communication channels.
At the same time, the project also builds and expands the network of DxSpace Ambassador community development ambassadors. This is a network to connect the digital citizen community pioneering digital transformation, thereby seizing the opportunities of the 4.0 era and developing a high-quality technology application ecosystem. For each key mission, DxSpace always sets its own mission and goals and implements it with specific actions to bring certain results.
With the strength of the DTS Alliance, DxSpace affirms the optimal value for the community, through the process of research and technology development to aim to improve the global competitive digital capability, thereby contributing to the process Vietnam’s socio-economic development process.